Enter the Secret Storyworld

Write the Story, Write the World

Enter a Secret Museum to discover the Secret Storyworld

Each month we meet in the Secret Museum to enter into a new realm of the Storyworld to tell a story together in 30 days.

Our February Story is Care of Creatures: 30 days to Choose Kindness.

There are 12 Secret Realms & 12 Secret Books, one for each Moon of the Year.

The Secret Storyworld is an online and in-real-life community of Storyspinners using monthly writing games to write stories, achieve goals, and create habits in 30 days. We build confidence to write and create so you can live your best life now and Change the Story to Change the World!

Enter the Secret Storyworld here.

Find your Lucky Lunar Creature at the Wishing Tree!

Your February  StorySpinner Mission is to become a Creature Keeper and share Loving Kindness (LK) with your family, friends, and the world. 

  • Learn about your Lunar and Solar Power Pet.
  • Take up to 30 Loving Kindness Actions.
  • Get ready to celebrate at the Power Pet Prom on February 26!

Your Creature Keeper Story will be told through journal entries written by you, in answer to daily clues sent to you by secret message. Some messages will lead to Care of Creatures Books & supplies hidden in the visible world!


Your fellow Storyspinners are waiting for you

Every month the Storyspinners are on a mission to Write the World. This month's mission?  Become a Creature Keeper and spread Loving Kindness. We need your reading, writing and creating powers to do it.

We hope you will join us. Begin by picking up your backpack at the Secret Bookshop. Inside you’ll find your passport, the first Secret World artifact to begin your adventure.  Collect the 12 primary artifacts and discover the hidden pages of the Book of Secrets. Stay alert and present in the moment so you receive all the guidance and support that is coming your way so you can write the stories that Writes the World.